Venus Retrograde

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May 12 – June 24

While Venus is retrograde, old friends and/or lovers may reenter one’s life. During this period, financial returns are apt to be delayed and affection is more difficult to receive and express. Beginning a new relationship, buying luxury items and investing in objects of art or items of beauty is generally discouraged during the retrograde period.

Venus retrograde is a good time to reflect on your values, to review your relationships and to donate your energy to a charitable cause.

This Venus retrograde takes place in the sign of Gemini, promoting superficial flirtations. There is a yearning for a new state of consciousness that can leave you feeling alien even among friends. The need for variety is highlighted, which often leads to dual relationships. Curiosity combined with the desire to share information easily degradse into gossip. Be careful of what you say about friends and loved ones. Someone may take your casual remarks seriously and feelings could be hurt. This is an excellent time to review the amount of love in your everyday life and to polish the communication of your affection for others.

The last times Venus was retrograde in Gemini were May 19 – July 2, 1996, May 17 – June 29, 2004, and May 15 – June 27, 2012. It might be helpful to look back to those times  for clues to how events may manifest.

Important Dates:

May 12 through June 24 = Reevaluate your feelings.

June 3 = Best day during this period for matters concerning love and money. Be attentive and receptive.

June 9 through 12 = Watch for impulsive activity that can cause upsets of an emotional or biological nature.

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