Donna Iona Drozda’s 2015 Lifecycle Forecast

2015 Lifecycle Forecast:

The Year of Authentic Self-Care

Donna Iona Drozda © 2015

‘In 2015 consider this notion:

We’re not the waves, we’re the infinite ocean.’

This is the year to place awareness on the boundless calm that lies beneath the apparent disturbances and feelings of separation arising on the surface of our lives. To be aware of the deep peace that is always here, always now.  Let’s choose that calm, let’s be that peace.

Let’s be that limitless freedom.

Let’s BE.

Sara Wasserman, Artist, Wise Woman Here-O


CherishCherish is the Word, Drozda, Mixed Media Mantra, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year 2015!

This year things ought to change. Make that: change for the better.

This is the Eighth Global Year and that is when ‘evolution manifests’.

The Eighth Global Year asks that each of us value who we are truly Being. The door opens to the opportunity to make a commitment to meaningful, creative, courageous, authentic well-being and self-care. There are countless examples of the opposite of what it means to nurture the self with compassion and deep empathy…so please…take a moment to consider the concept of profound and genuine self-care FOR YOU.

Breathe deep and feel your connection to the earth. Notice that each inhalation draws energy upward from a hidden well-spring of what we can refer to as Mother Earth/Divine Feminine. This is a source rooted deep down within; invisible to the eye. This nourishing, nurturing energy emanates and percolates up from the earth. Think: dependable sustenance. Imagine: dependable roots. Visualize: connection to your most trustworthy self.

The Earth is the source of all genuine wealth; the Earth herself supports all of Life. This year we will benefit by welcoming and remembering the lifelong interdependency that we have with the Earth Mother, The Divine Feminine, The Goddess archetype and all that she provides. This is the year to be the ‘Good Mother’ to yourself and to send that level of care out into the world touching the others with whom you connect. Include Loving-kindness in all of your exchanges with yourself, others and Life making this year of Authentic Self-Care transformational.

This is the year for depth nurturing.

Listen to the voice of Mary Oliver and feel the roots within her timbre.

Taking a stand to care and to be supported by Life requires a return to balance. When balanced we find it natural to trust and to take heart. Being kind and carrying the courage of the heart is not necessarily taught in school. You must educate yourself. Somewhere along your path a door opens. You are taken inside to meet The Mystery. It is here that heart/mind helps you to realize that there is more to Life than following along in the ways that you have seen modeled by the media and popular culture.


Every good fairy tale teaches a moral lesson and offers the story’s hero a number of noble choices. The magic number three comes to the fore in many tales…implying a choice that is ‘just right’. This year there will be great dividends paid by finding your connection to the middle way.

As we cultivate trust and humble confidence, often through story, new doors of perception have the opportunity to open. These portals lead to expansive new views. Expansion signifies life unfolding. Conversely, prolonged periods of contraction point the way to closing down and losing your mojo. You decide.

‘Once you have taken a step forward in faith, never look backwards or start regretting what you have left behind. Simply expect the most wonderful future and see it come about. Leave all the old behind; it is finished. Be grateful for the lessons you have learnt and for the experiences you have had, which have all helped you grow and have given you a deeper understanding, but never try to cling on to them. What is waiting for you is far, far more wonderful than what you have left behind. When you have placed your life under My guidance and direction, how can anything go wrong? It is when you have taken a step forward and then wonder if you have done right, and you allow doubts and fears in, that you find yourself bowed down by the weight of your decision.  Therefore let go, release the past and move forward with your heart filled with love and gratitude.’

from Opening Doors Within by Eileen Caddy, Perennial Daily Reader:

Seting the stage2SETTING THE STAGE

Last year we had the opportunity to go on a collective Vision Quest.  Vision Quests allow time for a mystical journey. This type of adventure folds in meditation and movement. Questing for a new vision connects us to something bigger and greater…beyond the small self.

A traditional vision quest consists of a person spending one to four days/ nights secluded in nature. This provides time for deep communion with the fundamental forces and spiritual energies of creation and self-identity. During this time of intense spiritual communication, a person can receive profound insight into themselves and the world. This insight, typically in the form of a dream of Vision, relates directly to their purpose and destiny in life.


Relating directly to your destiny and aligning with the purpose of your life is an exciting aspect of authentic self-care. Here’s a superb word for this year:

sophrosyne / so-frO-sU-nA …Greek

(noun) a healthy state of mind, characterized by self-control, moderation, and a deep awareness of one’s true self, and resulting true happiness.

Entering into 2015 imagine making a vow to yourself to cultivate your true sophrosyne resulting in true happiness. Consider what is most meaningful in that regard. What will or can be the greatest expression of your deepest joy? Engage in focused self-care for some period of time each day. Rise up to meet the True Nature of your creative power to produce, author, direct and take action on your life stage.

Since this current nine year energy cycle began in 2008 we’ve been gaining in opportunity to expand our authenticity. In the seventh year of a global cycle (2014) we may have felt the need to clear away the accumulated clutter that has been mounting. As my evolutionary-sister, Lilan Laishley states in one of her recent Full Moon Newsletters:

Many of you have been going through massive changes in 2014 and would enjoy a pause in order to rest and reflect. But I don’t think that is going to happen yet. … So take a deep breath, find your center, pull up your resolve and keep going. It will ease off soon enough.

In 2015 there is an extraordinary push to Be Real. Now, and throughout this year, do a physical, emotional and intuitive review fueled by what has occurred over the past seven years. Take a deep breath. Check in with your body. Talk to your feeling body and also check in with your organs, tissues, cells and bones…thank all of these processes that keep your magnificent self humming along ‘day after year’ and sense into any hot spots that need your attention.

The Eighth Global Year in an energy cycle accomplishes authentic self-empowerment or else it crashes into confusion. The Natural/Real aspect of the year aligns each of us with magnetism in each situation, circumstance and relationship. There’s a chance this year to be an alchemist and shape-shifter; to take the leaden parts of life and turn them into gold.

Show Up
Don’t Be Shy
Walk Your Talk
BE Willing
Take Responsibility

When an issue arises and the road becomes bumpy think to say

I’ll Handle That
I Will BE the Responsible One
The Buck Stops Here

This level of stepping up is rare. This vantage point can be yours as the result of seven years of active engagement in living and growing your art/life. Notice how authentically capable you are.

Homework: write a letter to yourself and review what you’ve been doing and who you have been being for the past seven years. Then write another letter using your non-dominate hand. This exercise will activate both sides of your brain. Again consider the Alchemist within, tap into your ability to shape-shift and influence your experience and its expression.

“The truth is that, without writing, it is difficult for most people to go into their thought. By writing you slow thought down, find its emotional context in experience, and give yourself the chance to feel its meaning. As E.M. Forster famously asked, “How can I tell what I think till I see what I say?” Writing lets you project your thoughts onto a surface and interact with them. Without writing, you risk losing touch with the thinker in yourself. If you write, you can remember who you are.”

Writing the Mind Alive Metcalf & Simon

Keep in (both sides of your) mind the spiral quality of your journey and re-mind yourself of all the ways that you learned to go deep in quest of a more meaningful intention during 2014.

The journey of the Eighth Global Year brings true power into the nine year energy pattern. This is the year for emancipation …I think of this as the energy of ‘being a spiritual master of the material plane.’ Either you are real or you are not… this year shows you the extent to which this is true. Real doesn’t mean perfect and it doesn’t imply that there is something to be fixed. Real is genuine…the statement; ‘This is who I am’ makes a clear declaration and doesn’t pretend that something is missing. With this pronouncement there is no anxiety. We don’t wring our hands and moan about what we are not being, having or doing. We stand in our authentic power and make the changes, with authentic self-care, that are required.


The twelve months/thirteen moons before us are about courage, confidence, balance and stability. By September 2015 you will recognize your Shamanic Self, identified primarily by your capacity to shape-shift your experience as needed. There’s a good deal of stepping up and stepping out to be embraced during this walk around the wheel. Eighth level energy aligns with our resources and the critical need to set healthy boundaries. With this combination we naturally hunger to reconfigure our experience so that it aligns with the best possibility.

Take a long look at your experiences of the past seven years (2008-2014). Segment your review into physical, emotional and spiritual encounters. Imagine being in charge. Notice how it feels to own your skills and strengths.

2015 teaches through empowered action. Empowered action is like a rocket ship. You may have planned and prepared for 7 years to have this one moment of blast off and one of the engines may fail. It doesn’t matter. In the long view our job now is to manage. We’ve quietly gained influence since 2008 began. Take command and be responsible for the level of order you’ve brought to your life…show your courage…especially when there is an engine failure!

Setting the stage


Traveler, there is no path. Paths are made by walking.

Antonio Machado

This point in the nine year pattern teaches us about being authentic and true.

Think…Global Energies require that we place ourselves into a worldview that respectfully aligns with the ‘WE’ more than with the lone, little ‘me’.

Consider…the strength you have to share.

Recognize…competence as your limitless frontier.


By the Eighth Global Year we are ready, even eager, to flourish and thrive.

Stay on course with the way you have consolidated the years (2008-2014). This would have happened naturally as part of last year’s Vision Quest.

Meditate on all that the Eighth Global Year offers: redefine your boundaries…act as if you are the head of your own troupe …be a self-appointed leader. Step up! Step out!

The Tarot provides a rich and creative way to view life’s journey. Key #8 is the primary archetypal guide this year.

 The 8th archetype is referred to as Healing in Carol Bridges Medicine Woman Tarot   

The statement of power that will invoke Authentic Self-Care & Inner Harmony:

“All of my desires have aligned with my highest ideals, thus my presence heals. I look forward with confidence to the eternal splendor of my love-filled life.”

Ask: What is my leadership role in my love-filled life?

Deep rich optimism that characterizes what it is to be an evolutionary. The optimism is really this almost pre-verbal trust in the life process…not naïve, not forced, not necessarily positive thinking. It’s the kind of deep conviction that life is moving forward and it’s someplace good…something beautiful is seeking to happen.

Katherine Woodward Thomas


Metta Meditation is a traditional loving-kindness practice from Tibetan Buddhism.

There are four repetitions, or rounds, in Metta. The first verse honors the Self and is considered ‘wise selfish’. The second, third and fourth rounds sound just the same but are directed first to someone you love, second time to someone who is neutral…like a store clerk or passerby, the third, requiring courage, is to send Metta to an enemy…personal, global…something or someone who currently seems to be stealing your balance.

METTA Meditation

May I be at peace.
May my heart remain open.
May I awaken to the light of my own true nature.
May I be healed.
May I be a source of healing for all beings.

second, third and fourth round repeats; once for a loved one, once for a neutral and once for a perceived enemy:

May you be at peace.
May your heart remain open.
May you awaken to the light of your own true nature.
May you be healed.
May you be a source of healing for all beings.

Feel the calm and quiet grow within as you practice Metta/Loving-kindness meditation each day…a sure way of dispelling your dragons.


The last Eight Global Year was in 2008: How authentic were you being? Review the news and also your journals, datebooks, photographs, etc. Identify where you allowed the genuine you to shine through. Can you recognize the ways that you were most balanced?

In 2008 what did you stand for? You have evolved and grown. What do you stand for now?



Breathe deeply and set yourself firmly within the auric field/egg of light that surrounds your body. Spread your arms wide and twirl them in front and to the sides of your body. Feel your home within this space. Imagine the area that contains you pushing down into the earth beneath you and extending high into the sky overhead. Visualize your roots and your wings.

During 2015 recognize the power of being a portable unit and knowing that you belong wherever you are. The work this year is authentically empowering and authentically stabilizing. Make a commitment to trust that you are spiraling upward in a direction that serves you, others and all of Life. Recognize when you’re boundaries are oozing and intruding on others. Take responsibility and then make amends.


The previous seven years (2008 – 2014) have led sequentially through the energy fields that build to this, the Eighth Global Year. Think of the months of 2015 as the crescendo in a long stretch of experience. Apply the following keywords to each ninety day quadrant:

The 3 Northern/Winter ‘MYSTERY’ moons:

January Self Care: Cleansing: inventory the patterns that apply to your best physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Know what is valuable and what is no longer valuable.

February Self Care: Renewal: see the ways that you can revitalize and jump-start your commitment to take the very best care of yourself. This moon/month is a conversion point, a place for conscious renewal of the routines that inspire and uplift you in the most radically enlivening ways.

March Self Care: Purity: rise above. See the silver linings. Enjoy the idea of being a visitor, a stranger in a strange land. Innocence is a form of purity.


The 3 Eastern/Spring ‘ME’ moons:

April Self Care: Clarity: socialize and express yourself in a new joyful way, invite community into your life. See all of your exchanges as part of the poetry of your life. Celebrate in some way.

May Self Care: Wisdom: mend fences and take account of your capacity to be empowered

June Self Care: Illumination: communicate lightly in every situation and circumstance


For the 3 Southern/Summer ‘OTHERS’ moons:

July Self Care: Growth: consider the roots and the branches of what it is you’re growing

August Self Care: Trust: do you trust your capacity to develop deeper levels of self-care?

September Self Care: Love: ask yourself: ‘What would love do now?’


The 3 Western/Autumn ‘LIFE’ moons:

October Self Care: Experience: take time to reflect upon what has happened since the Natural Calendar opened last spring at the Equinox. Own your shadow. Take responsibility for the way you relate. October opens the gate to the Underworld and reclaiming authentic self-care.

November Self Care: Introspection: Something has to symbolically die so that space is made for the new dream. Give yourself over to the depth moon/months October- March

December Self Care: Strength: true Strength is a very gentle quality…cultivate yours.


Contemplate the 12 months/13 moons before you.


  • Am I ready to redefine my boundaries?
  • Do I recognize power leaks and attend to their repair?
  • Have I learned to be a shape shifter, flipping the circumstances that attempt to block me?
  • Am I curious about the next possibility?
  • Do I take responsibility when I intrude upon another and do I make appropriate amends?

Most importantly this year:

  • What do I stand for?

These inquiries can bring honest opportunity for self-reflection/self-care.

In the Eighth Global Year you are asked to step into your true and authentic power by taking best care, being responsible and making amends where necessary. Practice being yourself by standing for your authenticity. Being authentic requires being dependable, trustworthy, realistic, and true.

The Eighth Global Year resonates to this short list of keywords/phrases. Use them to gain awareness of when you are in and when you are out of balance. Consult the dictionary and thesaurus, journal and communicate including those words that fit for your experience at any given time.

Keywords/qualities that will compel you forward in 2015: ambitious, accomplishment, authority, authenticity, balance, complete, constructive expansion, conversion, courageous, discipline, faith, good judgment, Goddess, great inner strength, handle money wisely, harmony, harmlessness, jubilation, Mother Earth, noble, nobility, order, possibility, shamanic, success, systems, synthesize the mundane and the spiritual: be a spiritual master of the material plane.

Keywords/qualities that create power leaks throughout 2015: abuse of power, abrupt, careless with finances, dilemma, despairing, emotionally abusive, fake, false, harsh, intrusive, lack of vision, manipulation, meaningless, needs philosophical study, over-bearing, torment, torture, un-caring, under-earner, wheeler dealer

Ask for insight and guidance to tell you about the way in which each quality lives through you. Journal, draw, paint, dance, sculpt or craft your responses. Gain awareness as to how to move forward being a model for what you stand for as peaceful, balanced and stable. Listen for clear guidance in relation to your Personal Year goal. (email me anytime during the year for your 2015 Personal Year Energy PDF…a gift to you…simply send me your birth month and day.


Homework for the year ahead:

  • Accrue the wealth/dividends of the past seven years (2008-2014)
  • Be a shape-shifter
  • Step into your true Natural Point of Power
  • Be Bold
  • Ask often: What does harmony mean to me?
  • Call in your highest best good, invoke it, no exceptions

Enjoy this major moment in time…the eighth year in the current global energy decade…no kidding, no excuses:

Be Your Own ‘Here-O’
Be Here Now


Donna Iona Drozda is a painter of large scale canvas tapestries inspired by symbolism, metaphor and the natural world. As artist/educator; she holds the intention to live in harmony with the cycles of the seasons invested in a passion for exploration, discovery and uncovering new ways of looking at the world.

In addition to working on her current series of paintings, Iona offers individual Lifecycle Mentoring/Consulting sessions for you.

Drozda says: “I explore nature with continual fascination from a perspective of ‘think global, act local. I’m encouraged by the way expressive arts (music, poetry, dance, visual arts, etc.) naturally contribute to healing individual and collective trauma.

It’s my joy to imagine and express the capacity and ability to live in balance with nature and one another.”

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