yinyang moonphase mandala ©1997 Sandra Mosley watercolor & ink

yinyang moonphase mandala ©1997 Sandra Mosley watercolor & ink

“Contemplating and creating mandalas can help heal our sense of spiritual and psychic fragmentation, manifest creative energy and optimism, and reconnect us to our essential being.”
— Judith Cornell, PhD

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Lynn Keefer writes a monthly Mandala  Journal. See her  Mandala Gallery

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Clare Goodwin’s Mandala Page
This truly wonderful mandala site has been on the web since 1996

100 Mandalas Challenge
The goal here is to get creative every day and to discover the possibilities found within a simple circle.

The Mandala Project
The Mandala Project is a non-profit project dedicated to promoting unity through art and education. It includes an on-line gallery to which everyone is invited to submit their personal mandala.