Aries New Moon Mandala

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2017 04 Aries Mandala 2 500

Aries New Moon Mandala
March 27, 2019
Be Unbound

Aries marks the beginning of the astrological year. This particular day usually gifts me in some way by giving me an idea of what the year ahead will be like. Last year, the sun appeared as the moon…as if the previous cycle was lingering. Six months into the year I realized the entire year was like that for me… always a day late…or two or three… or more. Looking back on the year, I can see a kind of loss and grieving as my youngest went off to college. Empty nest was a challenging transition for me made easier, however, by my husband who was no longer traveling for business. This experience has given me pause, and I think about death and loss differently for having had this experience.

As I shared on the Facebook page, on the first morning of the cycle there was a thunderstorm. Now, I will walk in the rain… I love walking in the rain, but, not a thunderstorm. So a DVD it was this particular morning! Many times throughout the cycle I felt like I was running up against a wall or encountering a delay – so cultivating patience and/or creativity was really helpful. From the get go, there did not seem to me to be forward motion – at best it was one step forward and two steps back. And all around me all I could see was this gentle unfolding of spring as the words “be unbound”echoed in my mind.

Be unbound Be unbound 2


During this cycle we celebrated Easter. I came across an article by Soulbridging that stated: “The first three full moons of the new zodiacal year, however, are said to be the most powerful of all the full moons. They constitute the spiritual high points of the entire year. The full moons in April, May and June are called the Three Festivals of Spring and they lay the foundation for the remaining 9 full moons.” More on that article here: 

Interesting, Easter, a moveable feast (meaning that it isn’t always on the same date), is calculated by the moon – full moon in particular. In 325CE the Council of Niceaea established that Easter would be held on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the vernal equinox.

The Mandala

2017 04 Aries Mandala 2 500

In this Aries New Moon Mandala I see a delicate unfolding much like I have been experiencing all cycle in the natural world. Parts of a flower are very evident to me with leaves, petals, star-shaped ovary and stamens.

Five rhombi (or rhombuses) create at once the outer spring green “leaves” and the central, golden and red, star-shaped “ovary.”

Eight overlapping arches create the “petals.” I chose purple, a Lenten color that speaks to knowing who we are and Whose we are. The pink edges reflect the light pink of the next figure:

Five half moons giving the mandala motion symbolizes the gentle unfolding I have been experiencing in nature all cycle. I chose white and light pink for these shapes – colors, when combined, I associate with God-energy.

Eight inter-connected, elongated ovals/stamens reach out from the star. Always yellow for me, a light use of red was applied after scanning to give this area more emphasis and pop.

Over all and connecting to the thin boarder, is a thin, golden cross which divides the circle into quarters. As a Christian, the cross is the symbol of death and resurrection.

So Fives and Eights and the central symbol of light – manifesting power…the power of Light.


The Month

So yes, lots of delays during this cycle… and having to find different ways of doing things, or finding new people to do them with because they’re no longer available at a business I use. Mid-cycle we celebrated the High Holy Days of Triduum, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. I went into the week feeling very uncertain…unsettled… questioning beliefs and belief systems. But, as the week progressed and I engaged in the familiar rituals of these holy days, I became calmer and more grounded, as if I were allowing myself to unfurl those tightly packed petals. These holy-days have a way of reminding us of who we are, Whose we are and why we’re on this planet. I was reminded that I am child of God, daughter of the most high, endowed with rights and responsibilities to the world around me: to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, bury the dead, shelter the traveler, comfort the sick and ransom the captive, instruct, advise, console, comfort, forgive, and bear wrongs patiently. (There’s that word again…patience.) Through honoring these holy days and engaging in a women’s retreat at the end of the cycle, I was reminded that no matter what I have done, no matter what is going on in my life – how crazy or chaotic – I am never alone…that no matter where I am, there is God… through His creation all around me…looking at me with love and delight, and in this I know that I am home and free and bound no more.

Love, Hugs and Blessings,
Lynn xoxxx

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