Leo New Moon Mandala ~#1

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2017 08 Leo New Moon Mandala Keefer 500

Leo New Moon Mandala ~ #1
August 22, 2017
Coming Home

NOTE: I find this process so amazing. Throughout each cycle, I watch, take pictures, write notes, keep a journal about what strikes me…where my thoughts are…what comes to me on any given day. It isn’t until the Balsamic phase that I begin the process of “analyzing the data” and putting it all together…  Sometimes I leave things out… and they revisit me in another form in the next cycle…


We actually have two new moons in this Leo cycle this year. This being the first… the second coinciding with the “great American eclipse” as it seems to be called on the 21st. This cycle began as the last, with a reminder to rest and connect to the Divine Great Mother/Father/Parent… I didn’t mention it last cycle as it didn’t seem to fit with the “bread crumbs” or “dots” I was writing about then, but God has a way of knocking again and again until we pick up the message.

Early Last cycle the reminder to rest came in this beach tag (1+7=8, think “The 8th Day” and “Sabbath Rest”)

Beach Tag 17 Sabbath Rest

…along with a massive, wall-sized picture of mama Elephant in the Loews Santa Monica lobby while on vacation.



This cycle the reminder to rest was a rake resting against a tree in a public park no less… two or three days straight… echoing the phrase, “No raking/working today.”


… And at the end of the month, this lovely, large turtle sculpture (also found in the lobby of a hotel) the belly of which pictured little ones making their way to the sea.  How maternal…and how appropriate.  We’ll be taking our youngest back to college in a few days.


Turtle Belly


The Divine Mama has been calling…extending invitation after invitation. Come… I love you… Sit… Rest… in Me.


The Mandala

2017 08 Leo New Moon Mandala Keefer 500

The first shape that most draws my eye in this mandala is the central eight-petal flower created by the intersection of eight large, overlapping circles that extend to the edge. This “eight” covers the entire mandala. Eight is associated with many things…Sabbath Rest and “The eight day” are but one.  I associate purple with knowing who we are (authentic self) and Whose we are. These circles seem to bloom lending maturity in the growth process.

The second shape, even more prominent to my eye, and encircling the central flower are the 6, four-pointed stars also knows as Natal or Bethlehem stars. These cross-shaped stars seem to stand on their own…butting up against the hexagon – yet another “six”. Yet, the line that creates them intertwines and inter-connects them while the hexagon completes the interior angles.

Six resonates with “adjustments”… of being the great harmonizer and home-maker… it calls us to be nurse, teacher, mother, confessor counselor, refuge, asylum, host, companion. It resonates with Home and home-making.  (Your Days Are Numbered by Florence Campbell M.A.)

Also found is a triangle – pointing up…so masculine energy. Much is written about the combination of Triangle within a circle. There is a lot of history here. What seems to stick for me is this symbol is found in the Greek alphabet and stands for change. Along with the six encourages needed adjustments.  It was also the early emblem for Alcoholics Annonymous.  As it does not touch the outer edge, it also has a god quality to it…as in God in all things and almost seems to give birth to the “flower” through the portal of the hexagon.

Four, concentric circles are found in the mandala, at the border, and three additional circles found within. Together they are like waves moving in an outward motion… like a pebble dropped in water… or aptly for this cycle – light from a candle radiating outward.

Change is in the air… a time to make adjustments…a time of healing and coming home…to one’s self in God.


The Month.

The Cup of Our Life

I have really been enjoying The Cup of Our Life by Joyce Rupp. It’s been a very busy cycle, but I’m glad to say I’m keeping up and will nearly complete the exercises by the new moon and eclipse on Monday. It has given me much to contemplate.  I would highly recommend the journey of the cup!

Over and over again during my morning walks this cycle, my eye has been drawn to the shadows and the soft delicate light I often refer to as “God-light.” Most often found at the end of the day or at first light in the morning, this soft, delicate light is difficult to capture on camera as the light captured by the camera is far too bright.  The softness of this light is lost. Oddly enough, I was often seeing it in the late morning. This gentle light nudges and invites… to “come” and “set a spell” with the Divine Beloved. In addition to these gentle nudges, many “love notes” fell on my path. This cycle was particularly stressful as Lovie began the process of final interviews.  The time spent in quiet prayer was of great help and comfort to me as were the many prayers lifted up on our behalf.

As the cycle comes to a close, we prepare for the second new moon in Leo and the eclipse I mentioned earlier. I’ve been hearing a lot about the eclipse and how, when the moon covers the sun and the day becomes as night, animals will change their behavior from typical daylight behaviors to nocturnal ones. The same could, perhaps, be said of us. When something blocks the Light within, we no longer behave as children of goodness and light, but rather take on a darker persona. As we prepare for the eclipse it might be good to ask, “What blocks my connection to the Light?”   May we be open to shedding some God-light in those dark spaces within. May we hear the answer to our question and act on what we find for the good of the world…becoming more authentically ourselves…more whole as God is whole.

More love self acceptance


I leave you with some of the love notes that found me this cycle… many were very tiny.

IMG_8333 Love note precious acorns Love notes mushrooms Love note leaf Love note white moth

Love, Hug and Blessings,
L xoxxx

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