Sagittarius New Moon Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

New Moon in Sagittarius
December 14, 2020
The Oneness at the Heart of All Things

December 15
Nothing. Nothing new was coming to me.  Sometimes the energy of a cycle is just so “there” you can’t miss it.  It announces itself like it’s standing right in front of you.  And sometimes, like this one, you just have to feel your way through it. The overwhelming sense for me was the lingering feeling of incomparable, indescribable, unconditional love of the experience I had shared last cycle and the unity of all things in the One…The Divine Beloved… knowing who and Whose I am… who and Whose we are.  And, the invitation to breathe… to pause… to elevate… Elevate, ELEVATE! to connect to the One in meaningful ways… knowing that even in the darkness there is a Light… a Love beyond comprehension… loving us… supporting us… guiding us through these darkest of days – literally and metaphorically speaking.  Having now lived through the cycle I understand the importance of this invitation.  

This Sagittarius New Moon Mandala from the get go was the expression of what I had seen many years ago – darkness, and in the darkness light… electrifying light at the edges of the form.  There is no distinction between the form and the space it inhabited. All is One… and in The One… a unity of all… the shapes… the background… all one.  What I originally saw at the beginning of the cycle were two sets, each, of Sixes and Twelves.  Standing in front of it today, the 12th of January – the last day of the cycle,colored as I had colored it – I see there is much more!  To explain better, here is a diagram of what I found…

At the center 6 petals, same as before, representing, to my mind, the balance of opposites.  It evokes warmth, comfort, safety… a sense of home and belonging.

The next ring of petals (in red) is a set of 12.  The symbolism of 12 is totality… the inclusion of all… a completeness… a wholeness… w/holiness.  There is a sacredness in the union of all things… where no one and no thing is left out… cast out… or apart from the whole.  All is included.  All belong to and in The One.  Anything or anyone cast out would void the twelve leaving it incomplete.

The next ring is where it got interesting this morning.  What I thought were little peek-a-boo points – little points of new growth perhaps, but no, lol… those 6 little bits in green to the side of the red petals, actually belonged to a broader angled petal (also green).  If we connect them we see an inverted triangle.  Feminine energy.

A thinner angled petal (purple) was also in the form of a triangle – this one pointing up.  Masculine energy.

Lastly in peach, we have 6 “spacers”- in the form of two interlocking, offset, triangles.  These point NE, E, SE, SW, W and NW.  Like the combination of the green and the purple, they are symbolic of a true balancing of opposites… echoing the 6 front and center.

At the very core is a space… where all connect at the central point.  For me, light was the only option.

The Cycle

Thoughts, December 27
“In the darkness look for the light. 
If you can’t see the light, consider that it might be The Beloved/the One through you?”

January 2
Lovely holidays well celebrated and now over… bitter sweet was the moving of our daughter half way across the country.  She is now in her new home and happy.  All is well and as it should be.

January 7, a FaceBook post from Sam Cannon Art:
“Hope is the thing with feathers – That perches in the soul – And sings the tune without the words – And never stops – at all.”
~ Emily Dickinson

From numerologist Simone Matthews:
“There is a wisdom. A light. A love. A grace that holds us during these upside-down-inside-out transitions of body, mind and soul. Never let go of that feeling in your Heart that ‘knows’ the truth of who you are, who we are. For THAT is the pilot light of truth that will lead humanity into a reverent space of healing.

“Let the duality of our fractured world create a contrast that enables us to rise up to who, how and what we wish to be as a global humanity moving forward.”

Rainbow Warriors . . . It is time to dance the dance of light and touch the hearts of those who have forgotten the rhythm of love.
~Goddess Central

January 8,
A lovely peace mediation shared by Pam Younghans on Facebook

Many thanks to Pam for sharing many of the quotes in this journal entry as well!

From Rebecca Couch:
“Nothing is different than ever before and yet everything is different by its intensity and rising to the surface for resolution. So in one hand, you’ve got this and on the other, you’ve got this. You are prepared for the culmination of the great polarities on your planet, for you have already chosen your side, that of the light. (emphasis mine.) And so the compassion of the master is required. You have trained for every aspect of this resolution and now it is time to bring all of your strengths together and use them simultaneously. You have practiced every instrument and then every section of music, but now it is time to play the symphony. 

The summary notes are clear: you know where God is. Play from there. And so if you must review, consider all of the attributes of the Divine and feel them in you. Play from there. Consider that you have come here at this time to embody the Light Divine. And play from there.

Love is the greatest force in the universe, so it is your kryptonite. Become it, and the opponent concedes. Use it, and all benefit. Embody it and victory is assured.”

In loving grace, we surround you. We are,
The Council of Light Within

From Celia Fenn:
“…When we understand that there is no “us” and “them” and that what triggers us is simply an aspect of our own (collective) and shadowy energy, then we can move into the Heart and begin to see with Love and Compassion and a feeling of the “Oneness” at the Heart of All Things.”

Our path forward is clear… together is the only way forward.  All cycle I have been feeling the call to ground myself in the wisdom, the light, the love… the grace that not only holds us, but guides us and is found in all of creation.  Again, knowing who and Whose we are.  “You know where God is… play from there. And so if you must review, consider all of the attributes of the Divine and feel them in you. Play from there. Consider that you have come here at this time to embody the Light Divine. And play from there.”  

I encourage you to be heart centered… to love greatly… and if love is not possible, at the very least hold space for “the other” remembering that there truly is no them and us… there is only we… only two sides of the same coin…. or to put it another way, we each are but tiny droplets of water joining with others in the stream of life making our way together.  We travel this path together.  We get through this together.  

If you find you’re having difficulty holding space for all sentient beings without exception,  consider adding a Metta practice to your spiritual practices, as was the invitation from Donna Drozda at Wren House Studio as she shared her thoughts on what we might encounter this year.  New to the practice, I have printed cards and leave them where they might be helpful… my meditation altar, kitchen, car, my wallet… so I have one handy when needed. Donna also recommended self care so we’re never too hungry, too angry, too lonely or too tired… and to listening before we speak. Truly heart opening and grounding practices.

Observe the chaos, but do not allow yourself to become part of it. Hold the light… Breathe into the spaciousness that is pure, unconditional compassion and love for all that is living, for it is your calling… your purpose… truly it is the source of your being where we feel into the “Oneness at the Heart of All Things.”

Love, Hugs and Blessings,
L xoxxx
Soli Deo Gloria