Taurus New Moon Mandala

Lynne Lynn Keefer’s Mandala Journal

Taurus New Moon
May 11, 2021
All is Well

Four is a very prominent number in this mandala… the four of stability… solidity and security… of earth.  Here we have the square in the center in sage green – natural wisdom is implied – and two sets of four circles in the outer rings.  Stripes are typically a tool for Gemini energy (Auntie Moon) but in these rings I see fields of flowers… spring flowers… pink and white.  What can be more spacious than fields of flowers as far as the eye can see?  Circles are symbolic of “wholeness and the experience of unity.”  And in the center the golden Triangle, symbolic of “goals, dreams and visions” – which from my point of view are always divinely inspired.
~ Symbolism taken from ‘Signs of Life’ by Angeles Arriene.

Five lines divide the circle into 10 pieces. I represent them here as rays emanating from the center… a place of peace and calm… of hOMe.
10 – a new cycle (at a higher level perhaps)
Five can represent flexibility, change… freedom… getting out of a rut –
something new!

Tools for the journey this cycle included:

~ Bach Flower Essence Wild Rose – “reawakens an interest in life.  Opens one to a sense of purpose that brings increased happiness and enjoyment.”  (Moondance Botanicals).  I found myself singing more this cycle… how I miss it!  Looking forward to connecting with a choir now that the ban on gatherings has lifted.  

~ And, a grouping of crystals suggested by Auntie Moon:  Moss agate, Tree agate, emerald, chrysocolla, rose quartz, and pink tourmaline.  The energy is grounding and quite soft…. delicate even.  I can just see the bull sitting at the top of the hill in the shade of a beautiful tree, a garland of flowers on his head and gazing at the grass, the cattle, the sun and the valley below, totally and completely in control and at peace. (The Inner Sky, Steven Forrest). Sigh… 😉

~ Abundance Crystal Journey Candle, light green. “May an abundance of goodness flow freely into my life. Allow me to be receptive to the treasures that present themselves, enriching my life’s journey.”

I started reading ‘Intuitive Eating’ by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch with a group in an online Zoom meeting which I host.  The term “abundance” has shifted for me this cycle – teaching my body that it will have what it needs when it needs it instead of putting off eating until I feel like it or have time for it – in essence honoring my hunger (Principal #2).  Game changer!  I look forward to continuing to work through the book and the concepts it teaches.

Also this cycle, experiencing the wonderful, life changing, teachings of Donna Drozda through a course called “Emerge and See”. Regrettably, I found myself very unsettled this cycle and did not engage the work as much as I would have liked. However, the course has given me some great tools that I can revisit when “the circle of foxes” make themselves known. (Dancing the Wheel of Psychological Types, Mary E. Loomis). By the way, she is starting a free, 8 day challenge on June 14! You can sign up here: http://www.donnaionadrozda.com/lifecycle/free-8-day-emotional-maturity-challenge/

Peace, tranquility, stability, abundance… very much needed this cycle.  Wishing you the same!

Love, Hugs and Blessings,
L xoxxx
Soli Deo Gloria