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only $12.95 delivered via e-mail 20-25 pages

only $12.95 delivered via e-mail
20-25 pages

Heaven Knows What is a personal profile report that discusses both the natal chart (who you are) and major transits (current influences). The interpretations are taken from the work of Grant Lewi, an eminent figure in astrology whose books are still highly regarded for their clarity and wisdom.

Straightforward and accessible, the Heaven Knows What astrological report offers valuable insight into the opportunities and challenges of your life. It starts with a detailed solar-lunar reading that reveals your character and basic nature. Next it offers a comprehensive analysis of the influence of the other planets on your personality. Finally, it takes a look at your year ahead, as laid out in the patterns of the stars and planets


as low as $12.95 delivered via e-mail

TimeLine is a future-oriented report that looks ahead to the various influences coming your way, indicated by the movement of the planets in relation to your birth chart. Meet your destiny halfway. Be prepared to take advantage of opportunities and work with the flow of energies that life presents.

This report is offered in two styles:

  • The concise report discusses the more noticeable or more important transits (planets outside Earth’s orbit; Mars through Pluto). Interpretations are every few days, sometimes with more than one event reported on a single day. (sample)
  • The detail report includes the less noticeable transits, although some people are more sensitive than others to the subtle energies of the faster moving Mercury, Venus and Sun. Most days have something going on; many days have more than one entry.

Heaven Knows What Astrological Report

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