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simpaticos_When two people come together in a relationship, something magical happens – a new identity comes into being. In addition to the personalities of the two individuals, there is the personality of the couple that needs to be considered. Using the astrological technique known as composite charts, a third chart is derived by combining the charts of two indivduals. The Simpáticos astrological report examines the composite chart and describes what is created and how it feels when two people unite their energies. 20-25 pages.

fl-logoThe Friends and Lovers report analyzes the charts for two individuals and interprets the astrological connections between them in two parts, one for each person. The individual’s general approach to relationships is discussed, along with the strengths they bring and the challenges they face, followed by a description of their relationship with the other person. 15-20 pages.

heaven1Heaven Knows What is a personal profile report that addresses the natal chart (one’s basic character) and transits (current themes). Offered as part of a relationship package for those who desire a deeper understanding of the personalities involved in the partnership, you get two reports, one for each person. 20-25 pages

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