2020 Scorpio Lunation Cycle

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Sunny’s Days

One of my practices at the New Moon is to assemble an altar on the top of a bookcase in my studio. My altar for the Scorpio lunation cycle features the Tarot card #13 Death, which is the card representing the sign of Scorpio. The red sky and the rising Sun behind the skeleton herald a new day once the past is released. A candle and 3 pieces of Smoky Quartz are on the left. a Tibetan Bell and 4 pieces of Obsidian are on the right. A piece of Hematite and a tiny ornate butterfly container holding a Garnet, 2 pieces of Black Tourmaline and 2 Herkimer Diamonds sit in the center. Every time I pass by it I am reminded to look within, ground, release, and renew.