A Time for Questions

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Sunny’s Days


Following my own instructions for the current lunar phase, I begin planning for the fulfillment of my intentions for the cycle. As it happens, my wedding anniversary and my birthday occur in this lunation cycle. So my intentions for this cycle are especially important since they will be carried forward into 2 new solar cycles.

With the New Moon in Leo conjunct my natal Mercury, it’s pretty obvious to me that this cycle holds the opportunity to tune up my communications to better express myself.

After last month’s experience of feeling my communications were misunderstood, and again with yesterday’s response to an article I posted on FaceBook by Virginia Bell, I can see this is an area ripe for my examination.

Questions to mull:

What is my purpose when I post, here and on FaceBook?

How is it that I feel misunderstood?

What keeps me inspired?

How can I improve?

To be continued…