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Gemini-altar-Collage2What do my words mean?

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.51.41 PMMy word choices every day come without thought.  I let the color of the paper inspire the word. I’m having fun with them, even though I’m uncertain of their purpose. Perhaps I’ll use the thesaurus to write synonyms for the word on the back of each card.

The First Quarter phase is about taking an action to move ahead with new intentions. I’ve laid out a schedule for my writing for the rest of the cycle, along with arranging my appointments, and making reservations for activities with my house guest. My intention for the Gemini lunation cycle, to explore the value of my various interests (especially those tied to communication, social media, and writing), has prompted a couple of ideas, to be explored further as the cycle progresses.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 4.55.12 PMRevision is one of the keywords for the Gibbous phase. This is the time to make reinforce the intention or goal for the cycle by seeing it in a new light.

We had an impromptu dinner with friends at our house the night of the New Moon. While dinner was cooking, we had a short Gemini meditation and I pulled out an interpretive card game from the early 1980’s called Star Talk. I hadn’t looked at it since the first year I purchased it. I’ve kept it all these years because I liked the idea behind it. You draw cards and lay them out much like a tarot spread, read the interpretations, make your own conclusions as to the meaning, and then you re-imagine them with a better meaning. It was a little complicated and not nearly as insightful as I remembered. However, it was something different and entertainment for our guests.

I’m telling this story because on Wednesday I was moved to go look at my Osho Zen Tarot deck. I spent some time looking at the picture on each card, finally pulling out 8 that seemed to speak to me. Of course, I was able to relate to all of the interpretations given. As I entered my insights from the card reading into my Tarot journal, I realized how much fun it would be to use the cards as writing prompts.

Continuing to look at them, I thought about what it was that attracted me to the game we played at the New Moon. It was the idea of taking the card meanings as first understood, and then seeing them in a new light to find a more positive meaning.  Oracle cards combine to tell a story. I can use this phase to re-vision my cards to make an even better story, one which I’ll undoubtedly be telling at a later date.

Are there stories you’ve told yourself that would benefit from some re-visioning?

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