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2016-Gemini-Lunation-AltarIMG_3165What’s my word?

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.01.47 AMThe New Moon in Gemini on June 4 was in the 2nd House of my natal chart, directing my attention to my values and attitudes regarding self-worth, money, possessions and my ways of making
and dealing with money.

Molly Hall at has a perceptive article on the 2nd house, in which she says,

“This house shows the ways we build up our lives around us, and cultivate a sense of place. It’s about becoming established, and this includes the building of real, tangible wealth. Second House issues have to do with pulling our own weight in the world. Insights are found here about self-sufficiency, and how grounded we are.”

I’ll be going back to reread her insightful article as this cycle progresses.

The Taurus lunation was in my 1st House, focusing my awareness on my appearance, physical health, and personality traits. As the cycle proceeded I gained a new appreciation for my Taurus Ascendant.  “I Have” is the key phrase for the sign of Taurus, an earthy, productive, solid, reliable sign. Although I may overindulge in creature comforts and I admit to being both stubborn and possessive,  I learned “I Have” an eye for beauty, a love of nature, and strong values that function in support of my health and personality. A week ago, as the cycle was ending, I wrote affirming the worth of my physical body, naming everything else intangible because I couldn’t find the words. Today I say Taurus in the 1st house = resourceful. Indeed, I am resourceful.

The key phrase for Gemini is “I Think”, suggesting that my self-sufficiency is tied to the sign of Gemini. I have Mars and Uranus in Gemini natally in the 2nd House; I’m sure I’ll be looking at them this cycle as well.

Based on my experience last cycle, I feel well-prepared to explore how it all fits together. Right now, though, a tune from 1968 comes to mind.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 5.53.50 PM

During the Crescent phase, which is about committing to one’s goal, I set my altar for the cycle focusing on the thoughts that filled my mind during the New phase.  My intention for this Gemini lunation cycle is to explore the value of my various talents with the idea of experimentation to find their best use as I continue my journey through the years.

My mind was filled with these ideas during the New Phase:

  • Words Matter
  • Thoughts Inform Emotions
  • The Stories We Tell Ourselves
  • Write

In addition, I mapped out 5 exercises aimed at improving written and verbal communication that will prove valuable in the future. My plan of action for this cycle is — to concentrate on communication.

The timing is perfect for me to focus on writing. My sister-in-law, also one of my dearest friends, is coming to visit the last week of the cycle, the week I set aside each month to prepare and write all the material for the coming New Moon. Meaning, I’ll be spending the next 16 days writing content for posting through July 6 in order to have free time for a relaxing visit.

Out of respect for my first idea, Words Matter, I dedicated my Gemini altar to honor words, writing one word on a card a day. The candles represent the Sun and the Moon and the clay hearts represent The Lovers in the Tarot. Why a thesaurus rather than a dictionary remains a mystery.

What words would you choose?


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