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Our lease is up on May 31 and we are in the process of determining whether or not to move. I’ve always prided myself on having a portable lifestyle, a way of being free to follow my passions. While dreaming about the future, I realized I am conflicted between maintaining that sense of freedom and yet not wanting to put forth the effort it takes to move again. (Transiting Pluto is currently opposite my natal Moon, so I suppose my feelings about “home” are being transformed.)

Quoting from my post for the New Moon in Pisces, “March 9 – 10 Visualize yourself as a Spiritual Warrior with the courage to move through the uncertainty into unknown new beginnings. Let your beliefs inspire whatever comes next.”

Dreaming in the Dark

Dreaming in the Dark

Although there is plenty of uncertainty, the thought of something new around the corner is inspiring.


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There are signs of new beginnings all around me. The Plumeria tree has four sets of seed pods and one of my Orchids has three seed pods. In the 16 years that we have lived in Hawaii, I’ve never noticed seed pods on Plumeria trees or Orchids.

Plumaria with Seed Pods

Plumaria with Seed Pods


Orchid Seed Pods

Orchid Seed Pods



My awareness leads me to believe there is more being seeded than I know at this moment. I’m making the commitment to nurture myself and the seed thoughts that are forming for this cycle.


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The 2016 Moon Phase Calendar is finally finished and for sale. Yippee! Check the most important project off my list.

Once again following my own advice from the First Quarter Moon Phase Journal post  I am taking steps outside my comfort zone – self-promotion.

Based on insights I had during the Full Moon in Pisces, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need more in the way of community. Aside from David, I have practically no local relationships with others that speak my language, i.e. Astrology. Since I haven’t been able to find any local astrology groups, I’ve decided to put out feelers for hosting an Astrologer’s New Moon Circle. I’m also considering volunteering to facilitate Mandala workshops at senior centers and women’s shelters, forming a Women’s New Moon Circle, and teaching a beginner astrology class, or the moon phase workshops.

All this while attempting to release some unhealthy habits, integrate new routines, and determine our place of residence for the next year. Lots of big ideas. Hmmm.


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Following the admonitions of this Gibbous phase to revision my intention for the cycle, I’m in the process of designing some flyers to advertise my dreams of a New Moon circle. During the First Quarter phase, I posted an invitation to engage local astrologers on the Hawaiian Islands Astrology Association Facebook page and received no responses. It was only viewed by 82 people, most of whom may not even live on Oahu. Okay, that was disappointing. However, I am reminding myself to detach from judgement, continue playing with ideas, and trust the process.

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