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Per the Aquarius Lunation Cycle, Full Phase: February 22 – 26 entry in the Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal, I’m taking notes for the Pisces lunation cycle beginning March 8, which is also a Solar Eclipse and I’m sharing:

The the Moon’s Nodes in the Virgo Pisces axis from November 2015 until May 2017 are at the root of all the 2016 solar and lunar eclipses. Leah Whitehorse at LUA Astrology provides a wealth of information on the qualities of the nodes in these signs and how to relate it to your chart in her article Transiting North Node in Virgo.

The eclipses highlight my 5th and 11th Houses. I had an “aha” moment thinking about Pisces on the cusp of the 11th and recognizing my leanings toward involvement with spiritually oriented groups and volunteer organizations. Truly a valuable insight to take with me into the Pisces lunation cycle.

Back to the topic of this cycle’s Full Phase and appreciating the details that make each relationship unique, here’s another share:

Someone on Facebook posted a link to a Ted Talk by the current director of 75-year-old study on adult development sharing whats been learned so far. I saved it to watch later, which turned out to be today. In light of the Full Moon and my post on February 20th, it was  especially meaningful to me.

I love these synchronicities.

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