Gemini New Moon & Venus Rx

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Sunny’s Days

I began assembling this space when Venus stationed retrograde in Gemini on May 12. Venus entered Gemini on April 3 and stays an unusually long time – until August 7. The last time this happened was in 2012. Since Venus is my ruling planet and Gemini covers my second house, which is occupied by Uranus and Mars, I thought it appropriate to incorporate the qualities of the sign of the lunation cycle and the planet Venus.

Venus – a candle honoring the Goddess Freya, dolphin, copper, plumerias, river rock with a drawing of Venus of Willendorf, prehnite, moldavite, and a green adventure heart. Special note, the last time there was a new moon at this degree was May 22, 2001; probably about the same time the candle was first purchased.

Gemini – the twins: the Tarot Card The Lovers, 2 feathers (air), 2 aliens (Uranus in Gemini), yellow hand (Gemini dexterity), and a ceramic taxi (transportation & connection).

Personal – a chunk of amber calcite encouraging my creativity, the ceramic taxi also represents friendship (a gift from a friend – celebrating friendship), my mother’s diamond engagement ring representing the inner marriage, my favorite pen (Gemini communication & writing), and 2 hearts reminding me to keep love foremost.

Together his serves as a visual reminder of my intention for this Gemini lunation cycle, to see, appreciate, and share the abundance of beauty life offers.