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Whole--IMG_3256The Whole is Greater than its Parts

1 the whole report: entire, complete, full, unabridged, uncut. ANTONYMS incomplete.
1 a single whole: entity, unit, body, discrete item, ensemble. ANTONYMS part.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 3.57.37 PMThe Full phase always promises awareness from interaction with others. The Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal’s post I wrote for this period read in part, “Pay attention to the duality of issues. Contrast and compare information. The challenge of this phase is to integrate opposites. Being able to see both sides of an issue adds another dimension of understanding.” Following my own advice while having a political conversation with a close friend, I understood how, as similar as we are in many ways, our personal histories and life experiences have given us different and equally valid perspectives.

And that bit of enlightenment gave me another idea about working with my words.

In addition to writing synonyms for each word on the back of the card, write the antonyms. By my choice all my words have positive connotations. They make me happy. It will be interesting to see what looking at the opposite meanings of my words will bring.

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 9.32.41 AMFollowing the phases, in the Disseminating phase I share what I’ve learned since the beginning of this cycle.

I’ve managed to stay on my writing schedule, which has been twice as heavy as usual, in preparation for company. It’s been encouraging to find that I can keep to the schedule comfortably with room for socializing and creative activity. I have a new appreciation for the value of my curiosity and my capacity for generating ideas. I’ve also come to understand how my thought patterns sometimes inhibit taking action to build and secure my resources.

Knowing that this is a year of seeding, I’m content to file away the information I’ve accumulated this cycle for development in the years ahead. I feel like I have a rich collection of material to work with.

On another note, the Full Moon post referenced above suggested taking a look back to the last Full Moon phase (May 21– 25) for any similarities. Indeed, the issue of conflicting priorities and the accompanying discomfort of making a ‘selfish’ choice arose. A closer look taught me two things:

  1. In my enthusiasm for something, I frequently express my desires without due reflection, leaving me at odds with myself and sometimes others.
  2. Since the priorities are mine to begin with, how could either choice be anything but selfish?

What have you learned about yourself this cycle?


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