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Scorpio asks, what’s hidden below the surface?
We look within to see things we haven’t seen before.



November 4, 2016
It has been almost three months since I last wrote in Sunny’s Days. It has been a dynamic, roller coaster kind of time and there are several things I long to write about and share here.

I intend to write about the Eclipse on my Sun, September 1, 2016, the stroke I suffered at the Lunar Eclipse on September 16, 2016, and what transpired for me during the Libra lunation cycle (September 30 – October 30), in addition to sharing my journal practice for the Scorpio cycle.

Today is a “Pause Day” in my new practice. A good thing because it gives me time to review and assemble the various forms of my journals. I’ll start by posting my entries since the New Moon On October 30 and then return to today, November 4, to sign off.

The emphasis I saw on creativity and communication in the chart for the Scorpio lunation cycle has me excited about connecting and writing. Leading me to my affirmation for this cycle: I am excited about connecting via my writing.

November 1, 2016
The New Moon in Scorpio is in my 7th House of Relationships and today I begin a 21-day contemplative practice called RELATE. It’s an art journal practice exploring Seven Sacred Teachings by Hali Karla.

My intention for this contemplative work.

I will create a prayer painting. My prayer is for the relief of the physical suffering currently being endured by no less than six of my soul-sisters, whom will remain unnamed here, but you know who you are. And by extension this is a prayer for the relief of every one suffering pain.

I ask for guidance from all those who graced my path before crossing over.

I pray for the future of all my loved ones, and their loved ones, and their loved ones.

I am engaging in this practice to provide healings and blessings, and to deepen my self-awareness.

 November 2, 2016
I was drawn to the idea of a Prayer Painting, and surprised at how quickly I gravitated to it, even though I’ve had no prior interest in them. And, I knew immediately what I would use as a canvas.

It’s a recycled canvas 4′ X 2′, that’s been sitting against the wall since we moved here in 2014. I have a silk scarf, a reproduction of a Laurel Burch painting of the sun surrounded by a ring of figures holding hands. It’s a treasured gift from a friend and mentor, that’s been hanging on a wall for over ten years and it has begun to disintegrate. Early last year it occurred to me that I could preserve it by collaging it on to the canvas, so I proceeded to paint the left third of the canvas midnight blue and the right-hand third yellow but I never actually collaged the scarf into the center because I couldn’t figure out where to go from there.


With the knowledge that it was to be a prayer painting, I saw the canvas in a whole new light. I saw it as a vertical image with midnight blue at the top and sunshine yellow at the bottom. I turned the canvas and began collaging in the scarf.

The representation was clear, as soon as I saw it, whether the sun is rising or setting, the higher you look the darker it gets. The light of the Sun comes from the light within. Every sunrise is followed by a sunset, and repeats, day after day, month after month, year after year.

I knew it needed a Moon and a tree. David’s photo of the Full Moon was taken during last year’s Scorpio Full Moon in Taurus. The tree is the tree we see every day. It represents the Tree of life, a Family Tree, the Tree of Knowledge. I wrote out my intentions for the cycle and for this prayer painting on the back of tree and collaged it onto the canvas.

Next I see the need for balance. The tree needs roots and solar energy to grow and thrive.

I ponder the wisdom to be found in adding roots and an orange sphere at the bottom of the painting. Exploring the idea of the Solar or masculine energy hidden under the Sun and the Moon.

Throughout my life I’ve been drawn to the Moon, to the feminine aspect of life and the spirituality of the goddess.

My numerology chart says I am a #2. #2 is feminine. At the root of my #2 is #11 (1+1= 2). #1 is masculine and appears repeatedly in my numerology charts. It’s time to ask… “Have I been shunning my masculine self?”

Solar energy must have its gifts or why would I call myself Sunny?

Is Solar energy my hidden treasure? Is my wisdom learning to understand the struggle to achieve balance within?

Finally, today I made two lists on the scrapes of paper left over from the tree and collaged them onto the canvas. One list has the names of my dead ancestors and all the departed souls whose wisdom has supported me. The other was a list of the living souls included in my prayers.


Cookie likes to help me journal

November 3, 201
Roots come with the Crescent phase and commitment.  Today the painting is about intuition and wisdom. Adding color and making marks.

My thoughts on Wisdom and what it means to be wise:

Wisdom is common sense.

To be wise to to have practical knowledge

It comes from observation of the natural world.

My wisdom teaching came at an early age.
Nature taught me, “There is death and life goes on.”

Wisdom is a grounding energy.

Wisdom Keepers, remember the way.

You can be wise at any age. The beauty of aging is wisdom.






















November 4, 2016
Now you’re up to date on my new contemplative practice. I’ll continue sharing as the process progresses. Meanwhile, the Universe is generous with its reaffirming synchronicity.

On Wednesday, November 2, I responded to Auntie Moon’s query about our intentions for this cycle, saying , “My desire from today’s menu is “Connection”. During this Scorpio lunation cycle, I will be seeking knowledge from my relationships to deepen my connection with “All My Relations”.

Each month I receive a writing prompt from Sarah K. Peck. November’s writing theme: Connection arrived in today’s email.

I connect via my communications. How do you connect?

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