Pisces New Moon March 13, 2021

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Sunny’s Days

My bookcase altar honoring this Pisces Lunation Cycle and my goal of release and renewal as I release my anxieties and open my imagination to the beautiful possibilities that lie ahead.

The statuette of Quan Yin on the left is a birthday present I gave myself on my last birthday, six months ago. The Tibetan bell, a gift from one of my teachers, in homage to them and to the sense of sound.

I put the large chunk of raw Rose Quartz on the right for self-love and compassion.

The little pack of Angel Cards is from 1985. I came across them a few days ago when looking for something else. Each of the 28 cards has a word of angelic wisdom. I’m going to pick one every day of the cycle as a focus for my meditation.

The Moon, #18 of the Tarot deck, sits in the middle to remind me to use the power of imagination to visualize my spiritual ideals and project them into physical form. The small Selenite sphere in front of it is for cleansing and purification.