Recalling, Refining, & Reporting

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2016-01-30 at 3.45.56 PMShow & Tell: Recalling, Refining, & Reporting
my experience of this Capricorn lunation cycle

Disseminating Phase

Very early in the cycle I recognized that my drive for respect as a dependable authority is in conflict with my desire to be an autonomous hermit. My intentions for the cycle at the New phase were to look at my goals with an eye to resolving imbalances, organizing my priorities, and creating a plan of action for the next 3 months.

During the Crescent phase I set up my 2016 Capricorn lunation cycle & #1 personal year altar. I made a crystal grid/8-phase medicine wheel using a print of Lynn Keefer’s Virgo Mandala, a lapis heart, a necklace of red coral, and eight quartz crystals to keep me focused on my goals throughout the cycle.

2016 Capricorn lunation cycle & #1 personal year altar

2016 Capricorn lunation cycle & #1 personal year altar

During the 1st Quarter phase, I began to broadly lay out plans for the next three months, along with a specific time-table for an editorial calendar and completing a number of related tasks before the end of the cycle.


Between the Gibbous and Full phase, I gained a better understanding of my priorities and what needs to be cleared out to make way for the rest of the year.

Today is the last full day of the Disseminating phase and I have to report that the 2016 edition of the Moon Phase calendar has yet to be published and I’m seriously behind in the schedule I set up for this cycle. Add this to last night’s discovery that 97 messages that were sent to the contact page at were erroneously delivered to the spam folder and there is no doubt I’m feeling stressed. I will be spending the weekend responding to them all.

I’m reminding myself of my word for the year, “Shine” and repeating an affirmation I made on the 19th of January, “Joy comes from seeing and being beauty in the moment, even the uncomfortable ones.”

I’m grateful that I can find joy in the moment in spite of feeling stressed. The beauty of this moment is in knowing that so many people use and appreciate our calendars. Have you found beauty in any uncomfortable moments this cycle?

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