Shifting Awareness – Libra Cycle in Review

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Sunny’s Days


The last quarter phase of any cycle calls for a change of consciousness.

In keeping with my own advice for November 3 -6, I have reviewed my intention for this cycle, come to terms with what I accomplished, decided what is reasonable to complete in the next couple of days, and what can be sacrificed or abandoned. Additionally, it’s time to give credit where it’s due and express my gratitude for help received.

Unexpected rewards of this cycle were a couple of remedial lessons on dependence, co-dependence, and interdependence, which served to remind me of the importance of honest communication and pointed to where I can use improvement.

My intention for this cycle relates back to my commitment last spring, which was to get the new website up and running by my birthday. Having passed that date, I devoted the Libra cycle, which is in my 6th house (employment, health, pets, and daily routines), to making it happen.

Overall, the launch was a huge success. The feedback has been positive. There are a few small details that I’ll be taking care of this weekend. I’ve accepted the fact that a couple of things I wanted to have resolved will have to be worked into the next cycle. My challenge is letting go of cherished design features that are too costly or time-consuming.

My gratitude goes to Markus Kuenzel, whose expertise brought my intention into form. He agreed to set up space on his server where I could work on the new site and contracted to move it to over to our server when I was finished.

Little did he know it would take me a year.

During the course of the year, he graciously held my hand as I figured out exactly what I wanted and then tutored me on how to make it happen. He was amazingly patient as I repeatedly changed my mind. He was responsive to my questions and generously took care of some things he was able to do in minutes that would have taken me hours.

The icing on the cake is that the total of his consultation and technical fees came in at about the same cost that I was considering spending on either an on-line or face-to-face class in WordPress, neither of which would have really given me what I needed to achieve my goal. Thank you, Markus!

Now it’s time to consider what’s next.