Solidifying Intentions

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Sunny’s Days

New phase, Aquarius lunation cycle

My bookcase altar honoring this Aquarius Lunation Cycle and my goal of finding the resources I need to work effectively with the forceful earth and air energies at play this year and highlighted during this cycle.

I pulled out my largest chunks of Amethyst for grounding spiritual wisdom. A Moon candle from Aloha Elixir.

The Star, #17 of the Tarot deck, teaching us to release our fear of isolation and to love and serve humanity. Promising truth, beauty, understanding and hope for the future. It represents the flow of cosmic energy coming to earth to be made manifest.

The Coyote on the right is an expression of Mercury retrograde in the sign of Aquarius. A month-long reminder for me to see the humor in my own irritations and frustrations.

This is a prime time for keeping track of odd thoughts. A pad of sticky notes, a glitter pen and a cloth pocket are there to encourage me to write my odd thoughts down and put them away for review at the end of the cycle.

The ceramic hearts in the center are multi-symbolic. They bring to mind all the Aquarians I love and admire. They sit front and center to call my attention to kindness.