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2016-Leo-Altar-IMG_3415Home Is Where The Heart Is

“Home is where the heart is,
It’s a place to call your own,
It’s a sanctuary, safe and warm,
There’s no place quite like home.”~ Kattie Bubz

On the day of the New Moon in Leo, I went through a stack of word cards I made during the Gemini cycle. I was drawn to the one dated June 15, 2016 (the synonyms and antonyms were written on the back, along with the feelings it inspired on July 14) and made it the focus of my Leo cycle installation.


Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 5.20.08 PMThe New Moon in Leo on August 2 was in the 4th House of my natal chart, targeting my attention on domestic matters, especially home and family.

Dana Gerhardt has a detailed article on the Fourth House at, in which she says,

“The 4th is where we go when we collapse. It rules home and family, ancestors and homeland. It provides a literal retreat. Push ourselves too hard and we’ll likely end up at home, sick in bed. Suffer a devastating loss and we may knock on the door of a family member and ask to be taken in. But the 4th is just as much a retreat of the imagination. It is our psychic hearth. It holds the memories that both comfort and haunt us. As the base of our chart, it represents both the ground and mystery of our being.”

Leo is a royal sign and I can definitely relate to the need to be the king, or queen of my castle, which is reinforced by having Venus, Pluto, and Mercury residing in the 4th. I am most comfortable and creative at home.

Some astrologers also consider the 4th House as the conditions at the end of one’s life or retirement. Interesting since turning 70 last year I have been exploring what I want to do with the last leg of my life journey.

My intention for the cycle is to be lionhearted, trust in my creativity and explore the passion of my five hearts.


*The Four Hearts of indigenous people is adapted from Angele Arrien’s TEDx FiDiWomen talk, The Four Fold Way.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.16.56 PMLittle did I know when I wrote our advice for this cycle in the New Moon News that I would quite literally, “Take a recess and enjoy some play time and recreational activity”. I realized today how much I want to be temporarily free from my self imposed blogging.

I consider the eclipse season to begin two weeks before and continue for two weeks after the semi-annual solar and lunar eclipses. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the second eclipse season this year, two weeks before the Solar Eclipse or New Moon in Virgo on September 1, my birthday, lasting until the end of September.

Thus, I’ve decided to take a short sabbatical from my personal Moon Phase Journal to enjoy the ending phase of my personal solar cycle and focus on renewing my energy in preparation for my personal new year. Aloha.

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