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Gibbous Gazing

The New and Gibbous phases are connected by vision. That which is seen in the environment and in the imagination becomes ingrained in the psyche. The inspiration and motivation to fulfill one’s goals are supported by creating a visual to use as a focus of attention throughout the cycle. While the moon was in its new phase (October 12 – 16) of this cycle, I collected items that were meaningful and attractive to me and arranged them in a space that I visit daily.

Among my personal goals for this cycle was to see my solar cycle intention from 2014 completed or released. The intention of that cycle was to create a new version of the Zodiac Arts website. It went ‘live’ during the 1st quarter phase and now in the gibbous phase I am revising it. Par for the course with gibbous is the feeling that it’s not yet ready for primetime. However, woking with the phases has taught me to trust the process. This is the time for making adjustments.

And I continue on my journey…

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