Clean house to make room for creativity.

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

Cancer lunation cycle (July 12 – August 10)

Last Quarter phase (August 4 – 7)

All Last Quarter phases emphasize the need for accepting responsibility. This Last Quarter asks that you acknowledge how your values have contributed to or inhibited your self-expression.

Take inventory of your resources. Express gratitude for all that sustains you.  Release emotional attachments that keep you from thriving.  Similar to the last few days, owning your feelings and sharing them will open the door to new forms of creative expression.

Massage and aromatherapy will support you physically and emotionally during these few days. Give special attention to the neck, shoulders, arms and hands. 
Find an overview of this Cancer lunation cycle here and here, along with a more in-depth description of the Last Quarter Phase here.

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