Appreciating Your Valuables

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

Taurus lunation cycle (May 15 – June 12)

Balsamic  phase (June 10 – 12)

At this stage of the cycle you are asked to release all attachments related to your intention. It’s time to rest and relax in appreciation of what sustains you.

The greatest challenge during these few days is distancing yourself from the fears and negativity of others. Find some private moments and a comfortable place where you can listen to the musings of the voice within.

Being outdoors, in natural settings, will assist in restoring your energy during this period. The sounds of nature are particularly soothing. If you can’t spend time outside, listen to recordings of ocean waves, gentle rains, waterfalls, birdsong, or the wind through foliage.
Find an overview of this Taurus lunation cycle here and here, along with a more in-depth description of the Balsamic Phase here.

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