Aquarius Lunation Cycle, Gibbous Phase: February 18 – 22

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Intentions need a 2nd look – turn sideways for a novel view.

Aquarius lunation cycle, Gibbous phase

February 18 – 22
Examine past hopes and dreams, fulfilled and unfulfilled. What are the images and feelings that come up? Look at the goals you set during the new phase (February 8 – 11) and imagine how things will look and how you will feel when they are fulfilled. Now is the time to make any revisions necessary to align your goals with the feelings they are meant to evoke.

February 18 – 19
Trust your emotions for guidance. Rely on your sensitivity and your abilities to nurture and protect to realign and renew your vision for the cycle.

February 20 – 21
Creativity excels. Take another look at your intentions. Can you express your individuality without engaging the ego?

February 22
How can you better serve yourself, humanity, and the greater good? Trust yourself to know the answer.

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