Aries Lunation Cycle, Full Phase: April 21 – 25

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Self Reflection

Aries lunation cycle, Full Phase

April 21 – 25
Your one-on-one relationships shine a light on your hidden assets and provide penetrating insights. The challenge of this phase is to integrate your need to be self-sufficient with the necessity of sharing resources.

Although we are in the Aries lunation cycle, this Full Moon takes place across the Taurus – Scorpio axis, suggesting that during the course of this phase you will gain awareness not only of where you stand in relation to your goal for this cycle, but also of the workings of the upcoming Taurus lunation cycle (May 6, 2016 – June 4, 2016). Take notes.

Think back about what the Full Moon of March 23 – 27 brought to light. How does that relate to now?

April 21 – 23
Sharing personal shadow issues with someone close will let you see them and your self from a new perspective, giving you a deeper understanding of your personal resources and values.

April 24 – 25
These are excellent days to discuss your ambitions with those who share your life. Conversations shift from psychological to philosophical, informing and inspiring your vision.

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