Aries Lunation Cycle, Last Quarter Phase: April 29 – May 2

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20140618-0601-P1120546-Moon6-7Putting You to the Test

Aries lunation cycle, Last Quarter phase

April 29 – May 3
Five planets retrograde at the beginning of this phase give emphasis to using this phase to review, reorganize, recalculate, realign and ultimately decide on the action necessary to bring this cycle’s projects to completion. The question is, “How can you honor your personal identity and conform to social standards?”

April 29 – 30
The journey of self-discovery requires the acceptance of responsibility. You must be willing to be true to yourself, to be loyal to your friends, and to act for the benefit of society.

May 1 – 2
Inspiration in Aces. Find it in your dream-time or in your sacred space. It’s all about feeling compassion for yourself. Forgiveness frees everyone to move forward with love.

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