Aries Lunation Cycle, New Phase: April 7 – 10

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Meditation for the Aries New Moon

Sit with your back straight, shoulders relaxed, hands resting on tops of thighs, feet flat on the floor,

breathe deeply…

inhale Spirit …

exhale Action …

inhale Vitality…

exhale Doubt …

inhale Authority …

exhale Control …

See yourself sitting on a throne,

With throngs of followers seeking your direction.

Let the crowd fade into darkness and feel a warm beam of light shinning down upon your head,

Filling you with confidence in your command.

Imagine closing your eyes and looking within
through the lens of your third eye.

Watch your inner Light glow and grow,
until you become a body of light.

Observe the quality of your Light.

Feel it from the inside.

Allow your light to begin changing colors,
let each one resonate within and note the different feelings produced.

When you’re finished being colorful, return to your body.

Inhale the beauty of your Light.


Color the Aries Mandala using colors that express your meditative experience.


Aries lunation cycle, New phase

April 7 – 10
During the New phase it is important to be mindful of the visuals that cause your passions to flow. This 3.5-day period is like any New phase, but more so because it occurs in the New phase of an annual cycle.

Be extremely conscious of your appearance and the appearance of everything around you this weekend. The feelings aroused by what you see will leave a lasting impression. Take notice of colors that attract or repel you and scenes that evoke your delight or disgust.

This is an extremely beneficial time to do self-imagery. Visualize yourself passionately involved with life. What are the images that come to mind?

April 7
Have a professional portrait made, take a selfie, a picture of you as a child, or your favorite photo of you and place in the middle of your altar, your treasure map, vision board, or mandala.

April 8 – 9
Gather images depicting the abstract ideals you value, the material items you aspire to possess, and your current assets (past achievements) ready to be remade into something new.

April 10
Write your vision for this cycle in ten words or less. Create a mind map or diagram of what your goals involve.

Editors’ Note -Sandra shares how she follows the moon, in her personal moon phase journal, Sunny’s Days. We invite you to join her walk through the year. Declare your intentions – start your own moon phase journal. Share your images, words, colors, and goals for this lunation cycle or on your blog and link to it in the comments.

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