Cancer cycle, Crescent phase: July 19-23

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

P1100430Moon2Know what you need and plan to thrive.

Cancer lunation cycle – Crescent phase

July 19 – 23
This is the phase to observe, absorb and plan your next moves. Dedicate this time to collecting your feelings. Seek information in support of your goals. Look for and break free of limiting customs. Put a stop to defensiveness. Recognize the need for more effective boundaries. Discuss your concerns about potential conflicts with trusted allies.

July 19 – 21
What do you know about your family history? Struggles are in the details. You can get lost in exploring trivia or analyze the information to find patterns of behavior that need to be eliminated.

July 21 – 23
How do your emotions affect the quality of your family relationships? Old social mores threaten harmonious interactions. Push beyond your fears to find balance.