Cancer cycle, Full phase: July 31-August 3

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20140711-2310-P1130043-Moon5Family eccentricities come to light.
Listen for unusual & effective solutions.

Cancer lunation cycle –  Full phase

July 31 – August 3
During the Full phase, you can view your intention and make decisions with detachment. These 3 and a half days require the involvement of others to provide illumination regarding your home, family, and emotional needs. Listen and note all that is reflected back to you. Use this period to review your family’s hierarchy of authority.

Although we are in the Cancer lunation cycle, this Full Moon takes place across the Leo-Aquarius axis, suggesting that during the course of this phase you will gain insight not only to where you stand in relation to your goal for this cycle, but also into the workings of the upcoming Leo lunation cycle (August 15 – September 13). Take notes.

July 31 – August 1
These are good days to engage in unconventional discussions with friends, social acquaintances, and those who share your sense of creativity. How free are you to express your feelings?

August 1 – 3
These days highlight the need for cooperation and possibly forgiveness for past transgressions, especially in the context of a bigger picture. Rely on your intuition to maintain balance and boundaries.