Cancer cycle, Gibbous phase : July 27-30

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20140708-1845-P1130009-Moon4-CloudsDevelop a strategy for adjusting to change with grace.

Cancer lunation cycle –  Gibbous phase

July 27-31
This period is an excellent time to revisit and revise your intention. Notice the rhythm of your emotions, how you nourish yourself, and how you respond to family. Review your conversations with others July 2 through 4. Note especially how much emotion was attached to information and when it was or wasn’t effective. Look for contradictions within the bigger picture that might restrict your growth and find a way to reformat them in a more supportive way.

July 27-28
Freedom, enthusiasm, morals, ethics, philosophy, religion. How are these concerns addressed in your vision of a better future?

July 28-30
How can you reorganize your foundation to better support how you move and grow into the world? Remember the need to honor and respect yourself.

July 30
Change is in the air. A little bit of novelty offers some surprising solutions.