Gemini Lunation Cycle, Crescent Phase: June 8 – 11

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20160509-1857-P1310647-Moon2Question everything.

Gemini lunation cycle, Crescent phase

June 8 – 11
Inventory and planning time once again. How will you manifest your intentions? Collect your thoughts. Discuss your ideas with those who support you. Weigh conflicting theories. The challenge is to break free of limiting convictions and ineffective patterns of communication.

Focus your energy on gathering information relating to your goal. If your cause for the cycle is learning something new, use this phase to review what you already know; for school, check how many credits you have and how many more you need; for improving communication skills, inventory your strengths and weakness; for relations with your siblings, list things you have in common; for buying or repairing a car, consult your budget.

June 8 – 10
Challenges during these first two days of Crescent energy stem from the need for attention. Communications take on an aggressive tone with the attempt to make a point. A more creative approach is necessary. Call on the loving heart energy within to find the right words.

June 10 – 11
Difficulties during the rest of this cycle’s Crescent phase arise from an abundance of details, the desire for perfection, and premature criticism. It’s too soon to make judgments. Ask questions from the desire to serve. Be discriminating about the quality of information you are allowing to occupy your thoughts.

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