Gemini Lunation Cycle, Last Quarter Phase: June 27 – 30

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20140619-0606-P1120583-Moon7Appreciate what you know.

Gemini lunation cycle, Last Quarter phase

June 27 – 30
Have you realized your goal for this cycle? This phase allows time to assess the progress made thus far, focus on it, and move forward to completion. The choices you make now will define how you enter the next lunation cycle.

Show gratitude for knowledge received by acting on it. The Last Quarter Phase connects to the Crescent Phase with an emphasis on the senses of taste, touch, and smell. Focusing on one or more of the senses will aid the processing of information and decision-making.

June 27 – 29 Moon in Aries
The key to success on these days lies in honoring your identity through your actions. Impetuous decisions can be problematic; follow it through in your head first, to see where it will lead. Focus on clarity in your personal communications. Ground and balance your energy with aromatherapy. Choose a fragrance with a hint of spice.

June 29 – 30 Moon in Taurus
Success on these days is the result of aligning your decisions to match your values. Appreciate your ability to communicate. Patience, dedication, and resourceful action are required. Tune in to your body for instinctual clues. What are your muscles saying about your stress levels? These are excellent days for a massage.

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