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New Phase December 6-10, 2018

Sagittarius Lunation Cycle, December 6, 2018 – January  5, 20192018 Sagittarius New Moon Mandala to color

See the chart for the Sagittarius New Moon, along with our advice for this lunation cycle, at Zodiac Arts New Moon News.

New Phase: December 6-10, 2018

Use the 3.5 days of the New phase to form your intention for the cycle, focusing on the freedom to be yourself. Use this period to visualize your expanded horizons and increased knowledge.

Consider the house of your natal chart that holds 15º Sagittarius 07″. That is the area of your life that will benefit most from your attention during this cycle.

It is important to be mindful of the imagery that catches your interest. It will assist you in setting your intentions and focusing on them throughout the cycle. What you see in your environment and the feelings evoked inform and anchor your experience for the cycle. Therefore, the more emotionally satisfying visuals you can expose yourself to, the better.

Envision your goal clearly and create a visual representation of it to use as a focus throughout the rest of the cycle.

A Meditative Visualization for the Sagittarius New Moon

Sit with your back straight, shoulders relaxed, eyes closed, hands in lap, and breathe deeply …

inhale Truth …

exhale Freedom…

inhale Trust …

exhale Knowledge …

inhale Wisdom …

exhale Flexibility…

Image yourself walking along a well-traveled path.

Notice the width of the path as you walk.

Observe your surroundings.

What direction do you appear to be going?

Step off the path onto a small rise which offers a grander view.

Standing on the overlook, you see your destination in the distance.

Feel the excitement of identifying your goal

and seeing the route to reach it!

Before returning to the path, take a moment to truly embrace your excitement

with the knowledge you are on your way to achieving your potential.


Create an image to remind you of  your destination and the road to get there or color the Sagittarius New Moon Mandala while thinking of your intention. The idea is to create something visual that you can use as a focus during the cycle.

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