Leo cycle, Crescent phase: August 18 – 22

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20150620-1907-P1180417-Moon2-CloudsIt takes courage to inventory your authenticity. There’s treasure in the shadows.

Leo lunation cycle  – Crescent phase

August 18 – 22
This is the phase to examine your resources with an eye to fulfilling your intentions for the cycle. What do you have at hand and what you are lacking? What ineffective practices limit your self-expression? Recognize the need for more balanced relationships. Take inventory of past and current passions. Which ones continue to inspire and which ones need to be retired? Once you’ve identified your intentions you can determine your needs. Make a plan. Commit to your intention. Light a candle.

August 18 – 19 
Are you projecting your best or worst attributes onto others? Do your relationships support your goals? Struggles are an indication of conflicted feelings. All the more reason to explore your relationship history.

August 20 – 22 
Take a penetrating look your intimate relationships for a better understanding of your assets and liabilities. Are there control issues? Does your passion leave you feeling spent or rejuvenated? Do your partnerships support and encourage your self-expression and self-confidence?