Leo Lunation Cycle, 1st Quarter Phase: August 22 – 26

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20150226-1824-P1160892-Moon3-CloudsGive your creativity a tangible outlet.

Leo lunation cycle  – 1st Quarter phase

August 18 -22
The first step is to take a penetrating look at your feelings. Purge feelings of resentment or jealousy. Accentuate the positive. Move beyond perceived limitations. A good period to be out and about. Promote what you love. Be courageous, do something to expand your point of view.

August 22
This is the classic “I really need to do something, but am feeling stuck” conundrum. It calls for exploratory action. You must go within to find what’s holding you back. After that, it gets easy.

August 22 – 24
Let optimism move you forward. The advantage is being able to see how a small change can have a sweeping effect. These are excellent days to engage in physical activities.

August 25 – 26
These are the best days this phase for implementing change. Take action that allows you to shine as an authority.