Leo lunation cycle, Balsamic phase: September 8/9 – 12/13

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Meditate on your heartbeat filling you with the vitality and creativity of love.

Leo lunation cycle  – Balsamic phase

 September 8/9 – 12/13
These last 3.5-days of the cycle are best used to bring closure to what was begun during the New phase (August 14 – 18). Whatever remains undone needs to be released. Any resistance is merely the ego, nurturing a false sense of pride. Remove yourself from negative influences. Focus on the light within.

September  8/9 – 10
Meditate on heart energy and align yourself with a higher power. Reflect on the ways your creativity and self-expression qualify your love. Shine with courage, strength, generosity. Heartbeat Meditation

September  11 – 12
Contemplate the idea of devoting your life to a service of love. Imagine focusing on love while you do your most routine chores; cooking, cleaning, in all your daily activities and most importantly while attending to your personal health and hygiene. This is the idea of love and service to carry with you into the new cycle.