Leo lunation cycle, Disseminating phase: September 1 – 4

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Let your individuality shine. Exemplify your intentions.

Leo lunation cycle  – Disseminating  phase

September 1 -4
During the Leo lunation cycle, the focus is on courage, creativity, and playfulness. This phase offers you the opportunity to ignite and inspire others to action. Share your vision with as many people as possible. Communicate your feelings about your own creative essence. Through discourse with others, you gain perspective and broaden your knowledge.

September 1
Be a guiding light. Share your passion and zeal for life. Trust in your ability to speak from your heart.

September 2 – 4
Let your personal values shine through all your endeavors. Give a practical exhibition and explanation of your creative resources.

September 4
Engage others in an active form of play. The exchange of information is centered around shared experiences. Speak for both sides.