Libra Lunation Cycle, Balsamic Phase: October 26 – 30

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Find balance within quiet companionship.

Libra lunation cycle, Balsamic phase

October 26 – 30
This is the last phase of the Libra lunation cycle. Become a hermit and contemplate how your relationships support you and release those that no longer serve your best interests. This is a time for rest and renewal. Detach from emotional dramas. Surround yourself with beautiful images and harmonious music.

Sensitivity to sound is heightened during the Balsamic phase making it especially important to eliminate distressing sounds from your environment. Listen to music that evokes positive memories and feelings.

Love song ear worms from the past:

1960s  Can’t Take My Eyes off Of You

       1970s   Just An Old Fashioned Love Song

1980s  Love Cats

1990s  Emotion

October 26 – 27 Moon in Virgo
Empty yourself of the need for perfection. Free yourself of criticism, both from and of others. Let go of worries and nagging doubts. Relax and trust yourself to find the balance you need.

October 27 – 29 Moon in Libra
The most important relationship you have is with yourself. Take the time now to enjoy it. Banish vacillation by clearing your mind of the need to make a decision. Find peace by listening to the rhythm of your heart and the melody of your soul.

October 29 – 30 Moon in Scorpio
Consider the returns on your relationship investments and whether or not they are worth maintaining. Sweeten intimacy by sharing deep emotions.

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