Libra Lunation Cycle, Full Phase: October 27 – 30

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Step outside yourself. Observe what is taking place in your inner and outer worlds

Libra lunation cycle, Full phase

Libra lunation cycle, Full phase: October 27 – 30
The theme of this period is finding balance in relationship. Practice the art of listening. What is the other communicating to you? What do you hear in your head while the other is relaying their message? What filters are installed and active on your receiver that might color or otherwise modify the communication? Issues of self-worth or financial insecurity are triggered when individual needs conflict with the needs of others. Give your inner voice equal representation with the voices of others.

Although we are in the Libra lunation cycle, this Full Moon takes place across the Scorpio – Taurus axis, suggesting that during the course of this phase you will gain insight not only to where you stand in relation to your goal for this cycle but also into the workings of the upcoming Scorpio lunation cycle (November 11 – December 10). Take notes.

October 27 – 28
This is a time to work for a balance of resources. Possessiveness is at odds with the desire for independence. Focus on mutual values. Integrity and sincerity are required for progress.

October 29 – 30
Pay close attention to ideas regarding relationships you hear in conversations. Do a sound check. Is someone doing your talking for you or are you speaking for someone else?