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Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

Leo Lunation Cycle, August 11 – September 9, 2018

Affirmation: I Radiate Love’s Light.

2018 Leo New Moon Mandala to color

2018 Leo Lunation Cycle

The New Moon in Leo begins a 29.6-day cycle illuminating your self-expression. It is about creating and creativity. The role of ego becomes prominent during this cycle, as does the element of fire. Take the opportunity this cycle to observe your passions and yourself at play. Leisure time or recreational activities will ignite your imagination.

See the chart and the details specific to this Leo New Moon, along with our advice and more relating to this cycle at Zodiac Arts New Moon News.

New Phase: August 11 – 13, 2018

Use the 3.5 days of the New phase to form your intention for the cycle, focusing on the development of your self-awareness.

It is important to be mindful of the visuals that catch your interest. They will assist you in setting your intentions and focusing on them throughout the cycle. Notice the images that come to your mind when the subjects of creativity, children, leisure time, generosity, loyalty, romance, and speculation come up. Collect pictures that reflect your unique sense of identity.  Color the 2018 Leo Mandala in colors that most appeal to you. 

A Meditative Visualization for the Leo New Moon

Stand with your feet spread slightly, back straight,

shoulders, elbows, and knees relaxed.

Place your hands on your heart:

breathe deeply…

inhale Love …

exhale Gratitude …

inhale Will …

exhale Victory …

inhale Truth …

exhale Power …

inhale Spirit …

exhale Purpose …

Focus on your heart,

feel it beat.

Thank it for all the work it does,

internally and automatically,

to keep you alive.

Thank it for your life.

Let your heart be filled with gratitude

for everything in life you have been privileged to enjoy.

See your gratitude as a light in your heart,

see the light growing bigger and brighter,

increasing in strength and radiating out into the universe.

Feel the benevolence of your shining heart

as its light envelops you

and extends farther and farther beyond you.

 Feel your trust grow in the warmth of your heart’s light.

And when you’re ready,

  throw open the doors to your heart

to give and receive love.


Honor your heart


 Live with the purpose of becoming a better person.

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