Pisces Lunation Cycle, 1st Qtr Phase: March 15 – 18

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

P1220816-Moon3-CloudsCommunicate Your Intention.

Pisces lunation cycle, 1st quarter phase

March 15 – 18
Take an action in support of your dreams. Step out of your comfort zone into new territory. Independent action relates to your thought processes. Think big. The first step is to break free from delusion and ambiguity.

Physical activity of any kind will reinforce your commitment, especially water polo, surfing, swimming laps, or water aerobics.

March 15
Express your thoughts in a new medium, style, or format. Communicate your intent with feeling and faith.

March 15 – 17
Do something to nurture your inner self. Create a sacred space where you feel emotionally secure and gently face your fears and watch them disappear.

March 17 – 18
Start the ball rolling. Action inspires creativity and creativity inspires action. Enthusiasm is key.

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