Pisces Lunation Cycle, Balsamic Phase: April 4 – 6

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

P1250386-Moon8Release fears and doubt.

Pisces lunation cycle, Balsamic phase

April 4 – 6
It is time to bring closure to what was begun during the new phase (March 8 – 11). However, this phase begins with a heightened sense that time is running out. Use it to practice release. Breathe through it and any anxiety that comes up.

Sacrifice the ego’s attachment to knowing and being right. Other things, like the greater good, matter more. Open your heart to new possibilities by releasing outdated beliefs.

April 4 – 5
Embrace the mystery of the unknown and trust that everything is flowing naturally. Reflect on what you did or didn’t let go. Contemplate your dreams. Connect with the All That Is. Whisper prayers of gratitude and forgiveness.

April 6
It takes courage to say goodbye to unwanted ways of being and hello to new beginnings. A day best spent, sweeping away doubt and shinning light on illusions.

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