Respond With Love

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

Libra lunation cycle (October 8 – November 7)

Last Quarter phase (October 31 – November 3)

The last quarter phase of the Libra lunation cycle is about reconciling yourself to your position with respect to your relationship intentions for the cycle. It is a time of reflection and decision making. Once you have a clear understanding of what you have accomplished so far, what remains to be finished, what is worth carrying over to the next cycle, and what would be best discarded altogether, you must act to make it happen.

There is a great deal of energy in this last quarter phase focused on healing old wounds and discussing ways of moving forward. The key is engaging your creativity to find a harmonious resolution. Love is the answer. Love yourself, love your partner, love all your relationships. Feel the loving intention radiate into your being and the just and fair conclusion will become clear.

The Last Quarter Phase connects to the Crescent Phase with an emphasis on the senses of taste, touch, and smell. Focusing on one or more of the senses will aid the processing of information and decision-making. Relax with a massage or an aromatherapy treatment. Treat yourself to your favorite this-is-good-for-me food.

Find an overview of this Libra lunation cycle here, along with a more in-depth description of the Last Quarter Phase here.

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