Sagittarius Cycle, Crescent Phase: December 3 – 6

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

20161202-1828-p1380592-moon1-2Setting up for success.

Sagittarius lunation cycle, Crescent phase

December 3 – 6
Now is the time to develop a strategy for protecting and sustaining your vision. Practicality says to note your position and the prevailing conditions as you aim for achievement. Commit to your goal by declaring your ambitions and making a conservative analysis of your resources. Gather information and organize your ideas.

This is an excellent phase to focus on supporting your health. Sagittarius and its ruling planet, Jupiter, are associated with over-indulgences in food and drink and accordingly with liver function. Monitor your intake of sweets and alcohol during this holiday season and make sure your diet includes foods that support a healthy liver.

December 3 – Moon in Capricorn
Practicality is key. Contention arises between competing authorities. It’s all about status.

December 3 – 5 Moon in Aquarius
Your hopes and wishes for the future challenge your progress and also motivate you to strive. Detach from tradition and forge a new trail. Innovation, rather than rebellion, is the solution. Resources to draw on include your friends and your social or civic relationships.

December 5 – 6 Moon in Pisces
New information appears like magic from unfathomable planes. You can get lost in your imagination or use it resourcefully to support your intention.

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