Scorpio Lunation Cycle, 1st Qtr Phase: November 7 – 10

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Be yourself and act with love.

2016 Scorpio lunation cycle, 1st quarter phase

November 7 – 10
Put your plan in motion. Set the stage for transformation in a way that is unique, individual and progressive or against the norm. Go with your intuition. Break free of old patterns of desire. Take a new approach to sharing your gifts and resources.

This is an excellent phase to go hiking or camping with friends. Longs walks prompt penetrating insights.

November 7 – 8 Moon in Aquarius
Act spontaneously. Dare to be different. This is a good time to act out of character. Let your inspiration guide you forward. Detachment makes it easier to go with the flow. Friendships first.

November 8 – 10 Moon in Pisces
Do something that serves your spiritual essence. Feel the flow of intuition. Visit a sacred place, natural or human made, take off your shoes and rest your feet, let the power of the space soak into you and inspire you to act with renewed energy.

November 10 Moon in Aries
Personal needs come first. That is the only choice of action. The competition is between heart and head. Headaches and heartaches, signal the need for an immediate time-out.

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