Virgo Lunation Cycle, 1st Qtr Phase: September 9 – 12

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Seize the day!

Virgo lunation cycle, 1st quarter phase

September 9 – 12
During the 1st Quarter phase of the Virgo cycle it’s important to put your plans for self-improvement in action. Move forward with enthusiasm. Express your independence from limiting habits by changing your routine.

Physical activity will help your digestion, physically and intellectually.

 September 9 – 10 Moon in Sagittarius
Take an action to broaden your horizons. Enroll in a dance class, go on a day trip to explore a place you’ve never been before, sign up for a charity walk, or read about a foreign culture.

 September 10 – 12 Moon in Capricorn
Act with authority and make responsible decisions. Let practicality and usefulness be your guide. Break away from the status quo by asserting what is real and meaningful for you.

September 12 Moon in Aquarius
Do something out of the ordinary. Take the stairs instead of the riding the elevator, eat a food you’ve never tasted, take a different route home.

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