Virgo Lunation Cycle, Balsamic Phase: October 8 – 12

Sandra "Sunny" Mosley Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal


Sing or chant this mantra: I live a life of love. 

Virgo lunation cycle  – Balsamic phase

Virgo lunation cycle, Balsamic phase: October 8 – 12
During the last few days of this cycle, it is vital to give yourself a respite from worry and self-doubt. Bring closure to what was begun during the new phase (September 14 – 16) without expectation of perfection. Release anything that is unfinished. Keep your focus on love of life and a life of love.

October 8 – 10
Relax your mind and body with meditative music. Muse on what it means to be of service. Reflect on the kindness you’ve given and received. Recognize your power of adaptation and consider how you can be of assistance to others. Surrender to the idea of imperfection as a mark of humanity.

October 11 – 12
Release any disappointment associated with this cycle. Consider what you have learned about self-love and self-care. How can you apply that to your experiences with others? Contemplate the beauty to be found in partnerships where love is given freely and equally. Release stress by counting gratitudes.